What You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine

Time takes a toll on your body, whether from the effects of aging to the ravages of sickness or injury. However, when you experience physical deterioration, your body also naturally begins the process of making repairs. Wounds heal, tissues regenerate, and even mental deterioration from chronic conditions can sometimes reverse.

Your body possesses natural healing abilities that regenerate your tissues. With regenerative medicine, you can tap into these abilities, using them to accelerate healing and improve your overall physical condition. At Innovative Family Health Practices, we offer regenerative medical therapies for patients in the Mesa, Arizona area.

Natural healing

Your body possesses natural regenerative healing and recovery powers. When you get sick or hurt, elements present in your blood, like your platelets, rush into the affected area to start repairing tissue damage and creating new tissue. The most commonly used procedures in regenerative medicine rely on factors present in blood and stem cells.

Stem cell therapies continue to show promise for treating a wide range of physical issues. We can also use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood to enhance your natural healing processes.

With regenerative medicine, we enhance your body’s own healing capabilities, using targeted treatments to produce definite results. Regenerative medicine doesn’t just treat symptoms. It goes right to the source of your problems to kick-start real healing. Some of the conditions addressed by regenerative medicine include:

  • Knee and leg pain
  • Injuries like sprains, tears, fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Heart disease
  • Dementia

We continue to learn more about the potential of regenerative medicine and how the natural process of healing works. The field of regenerative medicine evolves every year, as we discover how best to engage your natural healing capabilities.

Minimal risks

With regenerative medical therapies, physical problems like injuries that would otherwise potentially require surgical intervention can be dealt with noninvasively. Regenerative treatments tend to be quick and relatively simple, with little downtime needed afterward for recovery. And, because regenerative medicine uses your own natural healing factors, treatments don’t typically pose many serious risks.

To learn more about what regenerative medicine can do to help you recover from injuries, illnesses, or even the impacts of aging, contact Innovative Family Health Practices today. Our care team, led by primary care physician Gary Randall, DO, specializes in regenerative medicine. After reviewing your symptoms and medical history, we can advise you on the best regenerative therapies for your unique health care needs. To schedule your initial consultation appointment, call our office, or use the online booking tool.

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