Knee Specialist

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knee specialistPut a Knee Specialist To Work for You

If you are in pain, chances are a knee pain specialist at Innovative Family Health can help you. The goal is always to stabilize, treat and possibly cure the problem. A knee pain remedy doesn’t happen overnight. There may be a need for physical rehabilitation, which is offered at Innovative Family Health. You may need help discovering which conventional medication can address your arthritis. Knees are a tricky part of the human body. There are many parts involved, including cartilage, ligaments, joints, and, of course, bones. If the knee is damaged by a sports injury, a fall, or an accident, the pain can be intense and unforgiving. In many cases, severe knee pain is caused by arthritis. Tender, swollen joints hurt to the touch and make walking hard. Stiffness makes a person unsteady on their feet and subject to falls. Pain and stiffness limit mobility, taking away favorite activities. The cartilage in the knee deteriorates, and pain gets worse.

Common Knee Pain Symptoms

  • Tender to the touch
  • Puffiness or Swelling
  • Redness
  • Difficulty walking or holding a pose
  • Difficulty bearing weight on the knee or knees
  • Limited range of motion
  • Weakness
  • Stiffness

Knee Joint Pain Treatment

In most cases, a physical exam may include an X-ray or other imaging, such an MRI. This is to allow your knee pain specialist to determine the extent of the damage. Fortunately there are many ways to address knee problems without resorting to surgery. Our goal is to reduce pain, keep you off of painkillers, and help you find lasting relief. Among the things we recommend, depending on the cause of your pain, are:

Heat and ice can address pain and swelling. It’s important to talk with your Innovative Family Health knee pain specialist about how these methods can help your particular situation.

Corticosteroid injections can quickly reduce swelling, giving injured knees a chance to heal. In many cases, this is a good solution to pain. The effects are long-lasting, but the problem will usually resurface.

Physical rehabilitation can help you strengthen the muscles in your leg and knee. By strengthening your undamaged muscles, it can take stress off the injured joints and ligaments. Patients can become more stable, less likely to fall when standing. They can gain a better range of motion, allowing them to walk with less stiffness and more confidence.

Nonsurgical Alternatives

Our goal is to help you avoid the pain and downtime that comes with surgery while still enjoying a long-term cure for your knee pain. New methodologies are designed to get you up and going without surgical intervention. Ask us how we can help you do more without the inconvenience of knee surgery.

Call Now

Which knee pain treatment is right for you? Talk with our knee pain specialist at Innovative Family Health. Let us help you on the road to recovery.

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