Quick Care

Urgent Care Alternative

If you need priority care, but you aren’t a COVID patient, Innovative Family Health is your urgent care alternative. We offer same-day appointments and will take walk-ins. Dr. Randall, our lead physician, is a highly qualified primary care physician.


Why Choose IFH for Quick Care?

Life happens, even when we are busy watching the news and worrying about the COVID-19 virus. Ankles get sprained. Backs go out. Knees give out. Insulin levels go out of whack. Important medications don’t seem to be working.

When your health is in question, quick care is what you need. You don’t want to go into a waiting room full of the flu and perhaps COVID-19. Yet you still need urgent care.

As an urgent care alternative, Innovative Family Health has time to fit you into our schedule. Dr. Randall, our lead physician, can help you handle whatever is ailing you. If it’s important to you, you need to see a trusted doctor who can help.

Don’t let the coronavirus situation stop you from getting the care you need. After all, the quicker you handle your current medical problems, the less likely you’ll need the E.R. or the hospital.

Call to schedule an appointment and rest easy, knowing that quick care is available. If you don’t want to leave home, call and schedule a telehealth appointment.

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Primary Care

Dr. Randall is a certified primary care physician. We strive to assist you with all of your health and wellness needs.

Physical Rehabilitation

Instead of medicines, physical rehabilitation can relieve pain and its causes. This is part of Dr. Randall’s whole-health approach to problems.

Knee Pain

Dr. Randall can help patients handle their knee pain in a variety of ways. A focus on anti-aging medicine can provide relief that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

Back Pain

Dr. Randall’s background in physical rehabilitation and his training in osteopathic medicine have made him well-versed in the needs of patients with back pain. Patients who are suffering from a constant ache deserve the best care available. Cutting-edge treatments can relieve pain and actually speed true recovery.

Allergy Desensitization

Allergies can shut down a patient’s life. Desensitization can help a patient live a more normal life without concerns and without medications. Even if you have tried other methods before, this method may work for you. Don’t suffer when there is relief in sight.


When you or a loved one has symptoms that indicate dementia, it’s time to get a real diagnosis. Rather than the end, this can be the beginning of assistance, helping the patient live a more normal life longer.